About Us


To offer quality and affordable education to the community

Our Philosophy

  • Each individual possess the potential to become a great social health service practitioner.
  • Physical training is correlated to motivation and their relativity is a potential avenue for learning enhancement.
  • Improvement of health is improvement of quality of life.
  • The society is subject to everlasting change and this change should be responded well.
  • The guarantee of safety and success cannot be relied on technology only, but on the rational judgment and dexterity of the human ability.

Guiding Principles

  • Education Made SimpleTampa Medical College Program Directors and Faculty focus on building curriculum and teaching methods that make it easy for students to understand and build the student’s confidence in their learning capabilities.
  • QualityTampa Medical College focuses on continuously enhancing institutional quality by focusing on quality assurance projects, program development, instructional development and results management.
  • Education Made AffordableTampa Medical College focuses on making education an affordable commodity for the community. Under the institution’s guiding values of inclusiveness, Tampa Medical College believes in the right for everyone to attain an education. Tampa Medical College believes that educated and skilled individuals will in turn build a more successful and productive society. Tampa Medical College is dedicated to providing a private school education (small class sizes) at a State School cost.
  • ExcellenceTampa Medical College achieves academic excellence by providing programs designed to encourage learning, and focuses on developing student’s capacity to learn and retain information.
  • Accelerated ProgramsTampa Medical College is focused on making education not only simple and affordable but also providing time frame in which individuals can complete their education and move into the workforce. Instruction and delivery of programs is done through face to face lectures, supported by video, online and home study modules.
  • RelationshipsTampa Medical College encourages community collaborative learning by fostering relationships with community healthcare facilities and developing partnerships with other educational providers. Tampa Medical College has several Articulation Agreements with other Colleges and University which provides students with the ability to continue their education.
  • Lifelong LearningTampa Medical College encourages a culture that promotes the desire for continued learning. Tampa Medical College focuses on encouraging the student to desire to learn more and achieve more through continued education.