TMC Library’s Mission

Mission Statement

The Library strives to support TMC’s mission, vision and goals by providing timely access to needed resources, by responding to user needs, promoting effective use of information by students, faculty and staff and to drive excellence in life-long learning and engagement. We hope to continue to provide quality education even outside the classroom so that students can succeed in their academics and in the future.

Library Vision Statement, Goals and Purpose

We encourage students to use the library for not just their educational needs but also their personal interests by checking out materials from both the fiction and non-fiction sections in the library. The Library strives to uphold the following values that create a cohesive, open and central space for learning and continued growth:

  • Communicate Effectively: Our goal is to work with individuals to communicate their information needs and find information efficiently so that the educational process is not hindered in any way.
  • Collaborate: Work with other school units to promote research skills and strategies. This will allow the school to become a cohesive learning organization where students can obtain the information they need.
  • Learn: Provide a space where students can go to learn, study and engage with educational material, faculty and each other.
  • Growth: Promote growth of the library collection so that materials are more accessible to students and faculty and materials stay relevant with current information and events.
  • Innovation: Seek out new technologies to enhance the learning experience and access of information for students and faculty. Promote and encourage improvement as well as continued assessment of the library’s success to encourage change where it may be needed.
  • Expert and Reliable Service: We value our students regardless of their level of expertise and we want to ensure that all library staff is knowledgeable and willing to provide the best service to students and staff using library services.
  • Access: Freedom of access to information in all forms is a treasured principle. We value the fundamentals of Library Science and its quest for free speech, open inquiry, accessibility and equality.
  • Thinking Critically: Teaching Students and faculty to evaluate learning resources to access information independently is a top priority library services.