Nursing Clinicals


Students may be required to attend a portion of their program at various medical facilities to complete program specific clinical/externship requirements. A variety of clinical opportunities are provided to help students successfully complete these requirements. Students must be able to travel to and from clinical assignments. Students must be flexible during clinical rotations. Hours for clinical/externship experiences may vary according to preceptor and site specific schedules/availability. Because of this no guaranteed can be made to students in regards to a specific location or shift. Students must be aware that Placement in the facility is dependent on availability extended to the Institute by the facility. Student will be notified in advance so that arrangement for family care can be made.

Clinical Policies

It is the responsibility of the student to notify the clinical instructor in advance of any absence. Failure to do so or notify the instructor may result in the student being placed on probation immediately. A second occurrence may result in clinical failure. A student who has three (3) tardies will have earned One (1) absence. Three tardies equal One (1) absence.

In addition, the following applies for courses with 60 hours or more hours of clinical experience:

  • One Clinical Absence = Probation and mandatory makeup (Students may be required to pay $35 per hour fee to cover the institutions cost for supplying an instructor outside of the normally scheduled time)
  • Two Clinical Absences = Clinical failure and dismissal.
  • The student must have a penlight, stethoscope, watch with a second hand minute and school ID badge. Students arriving at the clinical site without proper equipment and dress attire will be sent home and this will count against their attendance.
  • May start as early as 5 a.m. and end as late as 11 p.m.
  • Be prepared for potential child care needs
  • Adjust work schedules accordingly.

Clinical Rotations and placements may change depending on availability of facilities. Whenever possible student will be notified in advance. Clinical policies are further discussed with in the clinical handbook

Clinical Department Overview

The Clinical Department at Tampa Medical College provides students with answers to clinically related academic questions and concerns, is the source for laboratory and clinical scheduling, facilitates educational touring, and is the office for submission for clinical related documentation in addition to many other aspects which students will learn throughout their orientation process.

Our endeavors are dedicated to achieving excellence in providing students with a well-rounded education outside of the laboratory and classroom. We house a diverse staff of clinical instructors that provide substantial efforts towards clinical training of students and are carefully chosen for their experience as well as expertise.

Unlike many clinical rotation programs, the main clinical objective at Tampa Medical College is to cultivate and focus on exposing students to a rich and multidisciplinary array of learning opportunities that result in a versatile education. We also strive to foster and encourage the next generation of Nurses, Practical Nurses, and Patient Care Assistants to disseminate and consistently learn new knowledge in many of the disciplines in the vast field of Health Care to better themselves.

Our laboratory and clinical provide solid theoretical and practical knowledge in the areas as required on a state level to include Fundamentals, Pharmacology, Maternity, in addition to many other areas.

Finally, we promote and embrace the concept of cultural diversity and we affirm our commitment to the ethical standards of our respective disciplines.

Department Contact & Personnel:

Office: 813-454-9594
Fax: 813-762-1325

imgAngalina Nyika – Student Development & Resource Coordinator II
Phone: 813-932-1710
Fax: 813-762-1325