Patient Care Assistant

Program Objective

The Patient Care Assistant Course of study offers a broad foundation of knowledge and skills, expanding the traditional role of the nursing assistant for students seeking entry level nursing supportive roles. The program provides the student with theoretical knowledge and clinical skills needed to work in Nursing homes, Assisted living, Adult Daycare, Home care, Hospitals, Clinics, Doctor’s offices, Laboratories and other acute settings.

Credential Awarded

The student must complete the program with at least a 2.0 GPA which equivalent to C average. The student receives a Diploma once all program competencies and objectives are fulfilled and the required basic skills have been demonstrated. Students will also be eligible to take the Florida Board of Nursing State Examination and the National Examination.

Program Description

The Patient Care Assistant Course content includes basic concepts in Health Science Core Training, Nursing Assistant, Home Health Aide and Patient Care Assisting. The Patient Care Assistant Course of Study is designed to provide student with multiple career options thus the student will also learn foundation skills for students in Phlebotomy and Electrocardiogram. Additionally, the program includes anatomy and physiology, nutrition, growth and development, CPR, HIV/AIDS and first aid. Online Training will also be utilized. Students will be able access online modules at The student will be able to access class modules with a User ID and Password issued by the Tampa Medical College. Throughout the program students will be required to demonstrate competency in content areas in order to advance in the program Student Competency will be determined through Unit Quizzes and Tests, Successfully demonstration and completion of Laboratory Skills, Scenario Exercises, Homework Assignments, Research Papers and Presentations and Clinical Rotations and a Final Examination.

Program Length

483 contact hours completed over the course of 18 weeks.

Program Delivery

The PCA program is delivered using a combination of residential (on campus), distance learning (online), and Hybrid (on campus & online) courses.

Additional Information

Required: For Clinical Rotations students must complete a Physical Examination, TB test and a MMR (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella) vaccine or proof of immunity must be completed prior to the Clinical Rotation. Students are required to wear dark blue Scrub uniforms at all times, while on campus and during clinical rotations.

Required Courses

OCP A: Basic Health Care Worker – Unit 1

Basic Health Care Worker HCC 101 90

This Unit provides an in-depth study of Medical Terminology, Legal Aspects, Patient Rights, and Communication in Healthcare. Vital Signs, Nutrition, Infection Control Medical Emergencies and Safety in Healthcare, Special Topics (i.e. HIV (4) hours, Domestic Violence, CPR, First Aid) Human Relations Skills, Goal Setting, Job Applications, Resumes, Cover Letters, Interviewing, Follow-Up, Professionalism, Computer Skills, Customer Service Skills and Barriers to Employment. The unit also introduces the student to the Human Body and its Functions. Content includes: Basic Anatomy and Directional Terminology, Structure and Function of Body Systems and Special Senses, Fundamental Concepts and Principles of Body Organization, and Composition. The unit is divided into Theory and Laboratory Training Healthcare Delivery System.

0CP B: The Home Health Aide – Unit 2

Orientation to Home Health NUR 101 25
Patient Care Procedures NUR 102 35

This Unit is divided into two (2) main courses. Those subject areas include Orientation to Home Health (NUR 101), Patient Care Procedures (NUR 102). This Unit focuses on the Role of the Home Health Aide and activities involved in caring for Home Care Patient. The unit covers Direct Care Clinical Procedures, Charting for Home Health Aides, Home Management. The Student will complete both Theory and Laboratory Training.

OCP C: Articulated Nursing Assistant – Unit 3

Articulated Nursing Assistant NUR 104 75

This Unit covers three main subject areas. Those subject areas include Orientation to the Nursing Assistant duties, Patient Care Procedures and Nursing Assistant Practicum. This Unit will focus on the clinical direct care procedures performed by Nursing Assistants. The course includes theory and Laboratory Training.

OCP D: Health Promotion – Unit 4

PN-Anatomy and Physiology NUR 106 84
Human Growth and Development NUR 107 25
Nutrition NUR 108 25

This Unit is divided into three (3) main courses which are Human Growth and Development (NUR 107), PN-Anatomy and Physiology (NUR 106), and Nutrition (NUR108).

OCP E: Patient Care Assistant – Unit 5

The Patient Care Assistant NUR 105 20
Electrocardiogram EKG 101 40
Phlebotomy PHL 101 44
Patient Care Practicum NUR 118 20

This Unit is divided into four (4) main courses. These courses are The Patient Care Assistant (NUR 105), Electrocardiogram (EKG 101), Phlebotomy (PHL 101), and Patient Care Practicum (NUR 105). The Unit covers variety of clinical procedures. Students must complete 25 live venipunctures and 10 capillary sticks. Student will also have to complete a Clinical Rotation.

Total Hours: 1402 Clock Hours