VA Benefits

We are proud to serve active duty service members, reservists, Veterans and dependents eligible for benefits at Tampa Medical College. We are here to serve as liaisons between our students and the faculty, staff, service organizations, and the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Educational benefits are one of the most valuable benefits afforded to Veterans and qualifying dependents. These benefits are designed to provide eligible individuals with an opportunity for educational and career growth. We are here to help you get the most out of your benefits.

The admission process, in conjunction with the requesting of VA Education Benefits, can be a very overwhelming and confusing.

Determine your Benefit Eligibility – Apply for your VA Education Benefits (VONAPP).

  • If you have used the GI Bill at other institutions, this step should already be done.  You may have received your Certificate of Eligibility.
  • If this is the first time trying to use the GI Bill, you will have to request your benefits at the VONAPP site.

Follow the following Step by Step process to complete your Application to receive your Certificate of Eligibility. The Financial Services office located at Tampa Medical College campus can also assist you is completing this process

  1. Go to
  2. Click Apply for Benefits
  3. Click Launch VONAPP and Apply for Benefits
  4. First Time Applications Click:
       •   a. I am a New VONAPP User
       •   b. Continue 2 Times
       •   c. No, Create a VONAPP Account
       •   d. Follow instructions to create login and password
  5. If applicant has applied through VONAPP before click:
       •   a. I Have Used VONAPP Before
       •   b. VONAPP Account
       •   c. Enter Username and Password
  6. Under Create a New Form Select 22-1990 if:
       •   a. You are the Service Member and are applying to use your benefit for the first time
       •   b. You are applying for VA Education Chapter(s) 30, 33, 1606 or 1607
  7. Select the 22-1990E if:
       •   a. You are the Service Member using Ch.33 that has been transferred to you
       •   b. You are a dependent of a Service Member that has transferred Ch. 33 to you
  8. Select the 22-1990R if:
       •   a. You are the Service Member using Ch.33 that has been transferred to you
  9. Select the 22-5490 if:
       •   a. You are a dependent or Spouse applying for Ch. 35 Survivors and Dependents Education Assistance Program (DEA)
  10. If you have used your VA Education Benefits at one school and want to transfer to a different school:
       •   a. Use 22-1995 for VA Chapters 30, 33, 1606 and 1607
       •   b. Use 22-5495 for VA Chapter 35

Once you have completed the above steps follow start your application process

  1. Applications must be completed online at
    Application (application fee $50.00 – WAIVED FOR VETERANS) and Background Check (fee $50.00 – WAIVED FOR VETERANS) paid to the cashier/bursar in full to process application. (Background Check Includes: personality test, social media check, 3 references check). Veterans must provide proof of veteran status to be eligible for fee waiver.
    •   Applications may be completed online at through the Admissions tab
    •   Two forms of government issued Identification
    •   *The paperwork below must be submitted before student gets accepted into the program
    •   Resume / CV
    •   High School Transcripts or Evaluation (if the student received their High School Diploma from another a country other than the United States of America)
    •   Submit official transcripts for all colleges attended
  2. Prospective Student must take Nursing Entrance Examination (NEE 75% Passing). Examination Testing Fees $50*) (For veterans and specific situations this application fees may be waived)
    *Students may take the Nursing Entrance Examination up to three (3) times in a 12-month period
       •   Basic Computer skills test (70% Passing) ($15 Fee – WAIVED FOR VETERANS)
       •   Current LPN/LVN’s must complete a STEP Test (60% Passing) to qualify for Advanced Placement ($50 Fee – WAIVED FOR VETERANS)
       •   Pay Processing and Transcript Review Fee ($220.00 – WAIVED FOR VETERANS)
  3. Student must complete interview
    The student is advised to dress in scrubs or professional attire for their interview
       •   The student is advised to dress in scrubs or professional attire for their interview
       •   Writing Exam (prior to the interview)
       •   Program interview (Dean, Registrar, Program Director)
       •   Clinical Interview (same day as the Program Interview)
       •   Students who are not in the local area may schedule an online interview with the admissions department
  4. The admissions committee meets weekly to make decisions about admissions
       •  &nbspStudent receives admissions or denial letter from the Admissions Department within 30days
  5. Admitted Student must fill out enrollment agreement pay a $100 enrollment fee and receive online catalog (For specific situations this application fees may be waived)
       •  Submit a Physical / MMR/ TB / Hepatitis B / Car Insurance / Medical Insurance
  6. Admitted student must pay non-refundable Seat Hold Fee of $350 (Due within 5 days of admission)
       •  Student must meet with the Financial Services Office to setup payment plans or complete financial paperwork or to set up financial Assistance
       •  (For specific situations this application fees may be waived)

Please contact admissions if have any questions or if we can be of further assistance.

Admissions Department

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