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Tampa Medical College (formally known as Medical Prep Institute of Tampa Bay) is owned and operated by a corporation called F. Jenar Inc and is authorized to do business in the State of Florida. Tampa Medical College was founded in 2008 and began as a Test Preparation School and Continuing Medical Education provider for healthcare professionals. Soon after, the company recognized there was a need in the community to provide affordable, high-quality medical training education for individuals seeking entry-level careers in the healthcare industry. Tampa Medical College made the decision to transition into an institute of higher learning and officially began offering diploma and degree programs in 2010. In 2021 Medical Prep Institute of Tampa Bay, after adding bachelor’s and Master’s Programs, became Tampa Medical College.

Mission Statement

Tampa Medical College is committed to making high-quality, innovative healthcare education accessible and preparing students who lead change and innovation in the healthcare industry, locally, nationally, and globally. It is our belief that this commitment to excellence will empower our students with the fundamental skills necessary to either gain entry-level employment in the healthcare field or allow them the opportunity to advance in their current careers.

Vision Statement

Tampa Medical College’s vision is to be recognized as an industry leader in healthcare career-driven education by developing healthcare talent and ideas that create growth and opportunity locally, nationally, and globally.

Core Values

Tampa Medical College is guided by the following core values and outcomes:

1. Academic and Intellectual Excellence
  • Quality – Tampa Medical College is focused on continuously enhancing institutional quality by focusing on program development, instructional development, and curriculum that is current evidence-based and that reflects current societal and healthcare trends and issues, research findings, and innovative practices, as well as local and global perspectives.
  • Technological Advancement – Implementing cutting-edge technology that enhances instruction and prepares students for life-long success.
  • Physical Learning Environment – We strive to provide a physical infrastructure with appropriate technology that provides an environment in which our students and faculty can thrive professionally and intellectually.
  • Cultural Competence – We maintain and develop a current and responsive curriculum that prepares students for the national and global healthcare environment through a curriculum that provides experiential, cultural learning activities that enhance students’ abilities to think critically and reflect thoughtfully. We also provide culturally sensitive, evidence-based healthcare practices for diverse populations.
2. Integrity
  • Ethics – We are committed to ethical and responsible behavior in our own actions, and to develop the same commitment in our students by promoting the awareness of professional ethical responsibilities.
  • Responsibility – We commit to being responsible and accountable in our operations at all levels, including assessment and continuous improvement of our academic programs and transparency in our fiscal and operational proceedings.
3. Community
  • Collaborative Relationships – Tampa Medical College meets community and learner needs by fostering collaborative relationships with healthcare facilities and other education providers. Collaborative relationships serve to secure investment in the educational process and address the current and evolving needs of healthcare providers.
  • Lifelong Learning – Tampa Medical College fosters a culture that promotes the desire for lifelong learning and growth by providing a variety of educational experiences in a caring environment. The College focuses on encouraging the student to desire to learn more and achieve more through Continued Education.

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