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Nursing Curriculum

Tampa Medical College nursing offers pre-licensure and post-licensure programs. The Nursing curricula focus on evidenced-based practice, curricula are consistent with industry standards, and are reviewed on regularly by the faculty. The nursing curricula are rooted in the National State Boards of Nursing Test Plan, National League for Nursing (NLN) Outcomes and Competencies (2010), Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN), and Core Competencies for Professional Nursing Education (AACN, 2021).

Each program curriculum includes three (3) main areas of instruction

  1. Nursing Theory
  2. Laboratory/Clinical Simulation
  3. Clinical Hands-on Training
Technology in Nursing Education

The healthcare landscape is continually evolving with advances in Information Technology (IT). Technology is integrated into all programs offered by Tampa Medical College. Each program offered by the College has a Hybrid and Online component to it and therefore Tampa Medical College has integrated technology into the nursing curricula designed to hold students’ attention and foster engagement. Tampa Medical College instruction provides opportunities for group activities; problem-solving; simulations; concept mapping; and other student-centered, technology-driven learning using online tools.

Technology is integrated throughout these three (3) main areas of instruction.

Technology is Integrated Throughout
  • Nursing Theory
  • Laboratory/Clinical Simulation
  • Clinical Training
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Nursing Theory

Students learn the fundamental nursing concepts, theories, and critical thinking needed for successful nursing practice.

female medical student performs procedure exam

Laboratory/Clinical Simulation

Tampa Medical College Hospital Simulation Center is a 1200-square-foot laboratory equipped with modern High-fidelity patient-simulation mannequins. Students learn to translate theory learning to clinical judgment and practice in a safe environment under the supervision of Experienced Faculty!

Artificial lung ventilation monitor in the intensive care unit.

Clinical Training

Students will have an opportunity to practice theory and laboratory skills in a real-life clinical environment. Students working under the supervision of experienced Nursing Clinical faculty, facility nurses, and doctors will practice in different disciplines in acute, sub-acute, rehabilitation, long-term care facilities, and community centers.

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